Physical Education

During the year all children are involved in Physical Education activities.  These programs involve children undertaking physical activity.  Children require suitable footwear for such activities;loose and open toed footwear is not suitable.  All children participate in these programs unless they have a note from their parents excusing them because of illness.

At our school, students participate in:

  •    Fitness activities
  •    A formal skills session for up to 1 hour a week & 1 hour sport session

The school incorporates a Dance Program for Years PP—Year 6, In-Term Swimming for Years PP—6, along with a School Swimming Carnival,  an Interschool Cross Country Carnival, Interschool Tag Rugby Carnival, a Winter Sports Interschool Carnival for Years 4—6 and an Athletics program that involves an Interschool and school carnival. At other times various clinics are held for other sports, eg football, cricket and basketball.