School Health Nurse

Each local Community Health Service offers school health services to primary and secondary schools within its geographical area. Community health staff (usually a school health nurse) visit primary schools on a regular basis and one of the services offered is a health assessment when children first commence school. 

Children’s vision and hearing are checked and any developmental health concerns are explored through this assessment. In secondary schools, students can also access the school health nurse for support, advice or referral for many adolescent health issues. The school health nurse may be involved in health promotion and well-being programs within the school. The school health nurse can provide parents with information about health, development, immunisation or other child or family health-related issues. 

Please contact the School Office on 9435 6900, if you would like to make an appointment with the School Nurse, Danielle Walker.

Head Lice

Please refer to the Healthy WA Head Lice and Treating Head Lice Fact Sheet for further details on how to check hair and treatment.