The language chosen for White Gum Valley Primary is Italian.  We are fortunate to have Mrs Lina Hawke as our Language Teacher.

Students at our school come from a wide range of language backgrounds, including those who

  •   are learning a language other than English for the first time
  •   have connections with the language as 2nd or 3rd generation Italo-Australians
  •   have experience in Italian and/or other languages

Italian classes starts in Year 1 with age-appropriate activities such as songs, games, puppets and stories to tap into their curious and playful nature and help them grow attuned to the sounds of the language.  Learning activities revolve around topics such as families, friends, pets, colours and numbers and make use of resources such as online language-learning games to practise speaking and listening skills.

Studying Italian in the middle years builds upon these experiences.  While the complexity of tasks may increase, with writing and grammar study receiving growing attention, maintaining an enthusiasm for language learning remains an important objective.

Each year all students enjoy opportunities to enter state-wide competitions and experience culture and traditions during Italian Week, where they can engage in competitions, games, special food events and craft activities beyond the confines of the classroom.