Our school encourages students to extend themselves and provides opportunities for students to be involved in a range of competitions, which vary from year to year. 

Currently, students between Years 2-7 can enter the ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) in the areas of English, Writing, Science and Maths. 

Our Senior students participate in the Maths Olympiads competition through the Australian Maths Trust, and Students in Years 5 – 7 compete in the metropolitan Numero Maths competition.  

Our Senior Students are given the opportunity to enter the Fremantle Council sponsored Gwenyth Ewens Art Award.

In the area of Sport, students compete in Interschool Athletics, Cross Country, Tag Rugby, Netball, Soccer, Football and Geocaching.


Maths Olympiads

Games Numero

Gwyneth Ewens


We currently have Natasha Maciel as our AIEO.  Mrs Maciel attends our school on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

The AIEO program was established to support Aboriginal students and assist schools in implementing culturally inclusive education programs.

AIEOs are allocated using a formula based on the Aboriginal enrolment in the school.

The AIEO role includes:

  • supporting Aboriginal students in the areas of academic achievement, participation, attendance, discipline, retention and communication.
  • liaising with the community to engage parents in their children’s education and addressing issues that arise.
  • ensuring that the culture of the community extends into the teaching and learning program, leading to inclusive practices within the school.
  • providing classroom support to assist the teacher in the delivery of planned education programs.