Preparing for the next phase

Dear Parents/Carers,

Attached to our newsletter today is information from the Minister of Education. It reflects our update sent out on Thursday.

Our school is now preparing for the next phase of providing a teaching and Learning program for the start of term two.

The timeline is unknown but we will over the next two weeks look at how we can provide materials and resources for students working from home.

I met with the staff yesterday and we talked about how it could look and the obstacles we need to address to assist parents.

At the top of our discussion was the wellness of not only the students but also of the family. We want to provide a connection still to families to give our students a reassurance that we are still very interested in them and how they are going.

Whilst developing work packages whether online/paper based is important, we are also aware that parents are still going to be busy, many working from home. Students will need to study autonomously at times. The teaching/learning of concepts takes time and revision which will need to be balanced against making sure that our students have a balanced day of not only school based activities but also time to enjoy parent company, playing, building, making, reading, writing, exploring, drawing, painting etc. This will reduce the stress. Where necessary lower your expectations so any level of frustration can be reduced. As teachers we will be very understanding of the demands that adults in the household will experience. We will work towards finding the right balance for your children.

We are all in this together.

We are exploring what can be delivered online but are very aware that not all homes have access to computers or there may only be restricted access. I will put out a survey to get a better picture.

Where needed, paper work packages will be produced and made available.

We will continue to use the various online platforms that classes already have in place as well and provide many links to other resources that are available.

Feedback from staff during the meeting and their endeavour to explore models of delivery for our students was a real credit to them.

Parent updates will continue as any new information comes to hand.

Our bike mechanics were overwhelmed with the number of bikes available to service at our recent Bike Check. Whilst many students from the older year levels currently riding to school had their bikes serviced we endeavoured to do as many others in the time available as well. In total 34 bikes were reviewed, cables changed, brake pads replaced, pedals and seat posts upgraded, squeaks removed and gears adjusted.

On the same day Mrs Kolkin organised for a SERCL incursion for P-Year 2 classes, looking at local bush-tucker plants whilst sitting in our 

On the same day Mrs Kolkin organised for a SERCL incursion for P-Year 2 classes, looking at local bush-tucker plants whilst sitting in our 

Koolbardi-Waardong garden.

The recent P&C meeting was held via Zoom. I would like to congratulate our parents on the various committees for their efforts. All new office bearers, class reps and current members have made a wonderful start setting up processes for the year.

The World of Maths incursion organised by Mrs French and the Maths committee was very popular with many interesting tasks and activities that the students undertook.

It is very unfortunate that our many activities that staff planned to enrich the curriculum have had to be put on hold or be cancelled.

Looking at Term Two we have cancelled the ANZAC assembly, ANZAC March from the City of Cockburn, Skateboarding session through the ‘Your Move’ website, Mothers’ Day Breakfast, Cricket Carnival, NAIDOC activities and Winter Sports carnival along with excursions to the Zoo and a Science incursion.

Gilberts Fresh have forwarded to the school the first of two cheques for the year thanks to the 183 supporters who shop there and present their card to support White Gum Valley PS. The 302,000 points have resulted in a cheque for $679.00 being forwarded to the school. Our thanks to those of you who are amongst the 183. We welcome other parents to do the same if you happen to shop locally, there.

There are 31 schools in the program.

Thank you to Lee McIntosh and Daniel Gretton as well as Amy Edmonds and Kate McKinnon who nominated for the School Board.

Our thanks go out to the outgoing Chairperson, Amanda Booth, parent rep, Stephanie Mathews and our staff Reps, Maureen French and Izelle John for their wonderful contributions during their terms.

A process was put in place to advertise for a permanent deputy principal to replace Mr Stone. It is hoped that this process will be completed shortly.

On our Grounds we have a number of projects under way. The basketball courts are being resurfaced. The cricket pitches are being renovated and will also be covered with cricket carpet.

We have three flag poles on order to be placed in the area currently taken up by a BB pole. This pole will be transferred to the paving area near the adventure play-ground.

A number of signs are being made up also to alert dog owners regarding droppings as well as a sign for each of our two murals.

A traffic management specialist will be asked to review our traffic flow around the school with a view of looking at parking access for our school community.

Glenn Rondoni